Awards–International awards and recognition

The projects that Alex Canciani has contributed to develop and promote over the last 20 years, before the explosion of Internet and the advent of social media, have won him more than 30 international awards in the most diversified fields, from art and design to technology.

Among the acknowledgements that Alex Canciani remembers with greatest satisfaction, pertaining to his early professional and entrepreneurial experiences in the fields of media and lifestyle, are the Italian Radio Oscar award (1994) with the programme “60th Minute”, the Condé Nast Traveller Award, conferred for several years in a row in the early 2000s to the “Domina Coral Bay Resort” as best hotel in the world according the Italian edition of the prestigious magazine and the Unesco Award for Cinema (2007) with the multi-award winning art film “7 Kilometres from Jerusalem”, reviewed on the first page of London’s The Times newspaper on 4th April 2007 and successively in many other newspapers from all over the world.

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