WHO Who’s Alex Canciani

Alex Canciani is an Italian Business Angel, adviser, entrepreneur and investor whose innate talent in business scouting and creative business development as well as in public relations and business relations management is internationally recognised. An incredibly eclectic figure and recipient of many awards since his youth in the fields of branding, communication and marketing, he is particularly focused on entrepreneurial and humanitarian projects that aspire to make a real difference in the lives of individuals and in the world by means that are innovative, ethical and self-sustaining.  ... ...read more

Alex Canciani

“Any individual has the power to change the world” Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Peace Nobel Prize 2006

WHAT Activities, Sectors and Key Factors

Alex Canciani engages in consulting, management and creative development of ideas, businesses, projects and business relations on behalf of multinational, start-up and innovative companies, non-profit organisations and celebrities. He works with individuals and in partnership with selected enterprises and organisations that are leaders in their field or serve a niche market and that are aligned to his innovative and ethical vision of doing business and of the world’s future. Alex Canciani’s personal, professional and entrepreneurial interests can be outlined thus:
7 Activities 7 Fields 7 Requisites
  • Disruptive Idea Generation
  • Business Origination & Scouting
  • Creative Business Development
  • Business & Innovation Consulting
  • Investment Scouting & Consulting
  • Public Relations & Business Relations Management
  • Branding, Marketing & Communication
  • Consulting, Management, Investment
  • Non-profit, Social Business, Sharing Economy
  • Bitcoin, Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Property
  • Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Fintech, I.O.E.
  • Beauty, Lifestyle, Luxury, Media, Sport, Tourism
  • Agriculture, Environment, Energy, Health, Wellness
  • Training & Education, Personal and Spiritual Development
  • Innovativeness
  • Long-term Vision
  • High socio-economic ROI
  • Self-sustainability
  • Potentiality to help make individuals and the world evolve
  • Global scalability
  • Inclusiveness

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor E. Frankl

WHY Let’s change the world together

Since 2010 we have entered the so-called Aquarian Era which will see Humanity accomplish a quantum leap in its evolution, never before known in its thousand-year-old history. Spiritual Masters of different origins and lineages have predicted that this will happen progressively through planetary upheavals on all levels, upheavals that may be dramatic, which will prompt deep social and economic transformation. This process of transformation will be driven in particular by scientific discovery, technological inventions, innovation in business models and lifestyles but above all, by an elevation of global consciousness and collective intelligence. The diamond is the symbol of this era, ending around the year 2160, which will bring about a new Renaissance in the way of thinking and in business models as humanity and organisations will be obliged to realign their spiritual and material spheres. My aim is to accompany the pioneers and the future visionary leaders of the Diamond Age along this compelling path, sharing knowledge, ideas and tools that can make a significant impact and a real difference in the lives of all and in the world.
Alex Canciani

PORTFOLIO International references for Alex Canciani & Partners

Many of the companies with which Alex Canciani has personally collaborated or that his partners have served over the last few decades represent prominent or niche brands both in Italy and internationally. Among these companies are (in alphabetical order):
American Academy of Hospitality Sciences & Star Diamond Award, American Red Cross, Axa Investment Managers, Bauli, Beauty of The World, Best Western International, Bitcoin Foundation Italia, Bitreserve, BMW, Chopard, CoinDesk, Coming Soon TV, CrowdM, Deutsche Bank, Diesel, Disney, Domina Hotels, Domina Vacanze, DubLi, Ecor Natura Sì, Enagic, Enel, Eurecna, Fashion TV, Ferragamo, Ferrari, Fineco Bank, Generali Group, Giovanni Rana, GlaxoSmithKlein, Gucci, Hilton, i-Can, Lamborghini, Lancia, Les Etoiles, L’Oréal, Luxe TV, Martini, Mediaset, Miss Italia, Miss Universe, McDonald’s, Nestlé, NovaFund, Panasonic, Pizza Hut, Pro Kapital, Real Madrid, SanusLife International, Sixth Continent, Sony, Starteed, The Island, The World Awards, Trony, Unicredit Bank, Warner Bros.

Awards International awards and recognition

The projects that Alex Canciani has contributed to develop and promote over the last 20 years, before the explosion of Internet and the advent of social media, have won him more than 30 international awards in the most diversified fields, from art and design to technology. Among the acknowledgements that Alex Canciani remembers with greatest satisfaction, pertaining to his early professional and entrepreneurial experiences in the fields of media and lifestyle, are the Italian Radio Oscar award (1994) with the programme “60th Minute”, the Condé Nast Traveller Award, conferred for several years in a row in the early 2000s to the “Domina Coral Bay Resort” as best hotel in the world according the Italian edition of the prestigious magazine and the Unesco Award for Cinema (2007) with the multi-award winning art film “7 Kilometres from Jerusalem”, reviewed on the first page of London’s The Times newspaper on 4th April 2007 and successively in many other newspapers from all over the world.